Leaking Shower Repair

Leaking showers can be caused by numerous things but the most common cause is when water is leaking through you shower walls or floor, via cracked or decayed grout, allowing water to travel behind tiles which can cause costly structural damage whilst producing mould & dampness.

Other causes of a leaking shower can be from the movement of buildings, failed waterproofing membrane, plumbing issues, shower screen leakage, or a combination of the lot.

Never ignore a leaking shower as this will only lead to further ongoing structural costly problems. The area can also become a breeding ground for dangerous mould & mildew, which not only looks unpleasant, but can create an ideal environment for germs and termites which can lead to serious respiratory problems – especially for the young & elderly.

Many leaking showers go undetected until further damage is found in adjoining rooms and sub-floors. Regrout sooner than later and repair that leaking shower.

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