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Why retile, just regrout!

If your bathroom is looking tired and old and the shower is discoloured and dirty, Tile Regrouting owner and licensed tradesman, Andrew Marsh has the solution for you.

Don’t retile, just regrout,” At Tile Regrouting we don’t only regrout bathroom areas, we can regrout any tiled surface such as floors, kitchen splashbacks, laundries, balconies and more.”

The tile regrouting process involves the removal of the old grout and silicone, cleaning and preparing the tiled area and the application of the new grout and silicone to make areas look new.

“All products used by Tile Regrouting have mould inhibitors assisting to slow the process of mould reoccurring, our procedure also stops leaking showers, which when left unattended can cause dangers such as expensive structural damage to the building, excessive unhygienic, unhealthy mould and unpleasant odour and creating the perfect breeding ground for various insects.”

Grout that is cracked or deteriorating should be done as soon as possible.

We also replace broken tiles or soap dishes if required giving your bathroom that much needed makeover.

“Remember don’t retile — regrout, and give your tiled area that brand new look again at an affordable price.”

Lic number 117017c

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