What payment methods do we accept?

Cheque, Eftpos, Credit Cards, and Cash.

What areas do we service?

All metropolitan Sydney areas.

Can wall & floor tiles be regrouted?

Any tiled area can be regrouted.

Can you replace cracked or broken tiles & soap dishes?


Why would I regrout instead of retiling?

You would regrout when you’re happy with your current tiles but the grout is mouldy, discoloured, cracked or missing & your budget doesn’t allow you to retile. Regrouting requires only a 24 hour drying time from completion, instead of days/weeks without the use of your bathroom.

If I plan to have my shower screen replaced, what do I do first?

When replacing your shower screen firstly the old screen needs to be removed, then secondly the regrouting takes place and then the new shower screen is installed.

How long does it take to regrout a shower recess?

The average shower recess takes approximately 4 hours.
How long is my shower out of use?